Meet The Team


Mr Philip Coleridge Smith:

One of London's leading vascular surgeons. Operating at the British Vein Institute he is an expert in the treatment of varicose veins. He lecutres at University College London and has been the editor of the medical journals, 'Phlebology' and 'The European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery'. He is currently President of the British Association of Sclerotherapists (BAS) and is acknowledged as an international authority and expert in venous disease, including the management of vein problems using ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and other modern methods of vein ablation. Throughout his career he has treated several thousand paitents using the injection techniques we offer. Mr Coleridge Smith is a part of the 2019 Federation of Forensic Expert Witnesses, he is also a member of Top Doctors and can be found on thier YouTube account. Mr Coleridge Smith is also apart of the IDF (Independnet Doctors Federation).

When Mr Coleridge Smith isn't treating veins he really enjoys watching dressage and loves flying aeroplanes.

Miss Agnieszka Kieloch:

Practice Manager, has been working in the medical industry for over four years and is very well versed in many beauty treatments including; IPL, Laser Hair Removal and fractional laser treatment CO2 and most of the beauty treatments you see on the website today. She has worked in many different sectors of industry and has developed brilliant people skills and is someone all the paitents requst to perform thier treatments, she has developed a very good relationship with paitents. After working for Adsum Aesthetics for a few years now she has developed a deep knowledge of veins and how they are treated and the aftercare required.

When Aga isn't in the clinic she can usually be found at Zumba or shopping!

Miss Kate England:

Is a highly qualified and fully registered nurse who has over 25 years worth of experience in the medical industry, both for the NHS and the private sector. Kate believes that effetive communication is a fundamental and highl essential part of her role which is making a meaningful and lasting contribution to peoples health and wellbeing.

Kate enjoys shopping and traveling in her free time, her favorite countires include Spain, Greece and Dubai.

Mrs Kim Green:

She has been a registered nurse and has over 30 years worth of experience working in senior positions in the NHS and the private sector as a midwife. Kim joined our team 6 years ago as a nurse sclerotherapist, she holds qualifications from The Royal Free Hospital London and Bucks NHS Trust Wycombe Hospital. She has a deep dedication to provide personalised, total paitent care.

Kim likes cycling, walking, jogging and many other aerobic excersizes she also likes to spend her time seeing her family and friends.