Stone Therapy Massage with Chakras

Stone Therapy Massage combines the use of hot and cold stones with traditional massage techniques to bring about deep relaxation and homeostasis on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. This modern day treatment draws upon ancient healing arts and traditions to deliver a deeper massage with less exertion required from the therapist.

What is Stone Therapy Massage?

Based upton traditional Swedish massage techniques, hot and cold stones are used during the massage. The stones may also be placed in strategic positions on top and beneath the body, this creates a therapeutic and holistic effect. This will benefit both the area concerned and general wellbeing. In addition to the
stones, crystals may also be incorporated to the treatment, as they too will have a 'balancing' effect upon the client, helping to achieve total homeostasis and relaxation.

What are the benefits of using hot stones?

  • One stroke with a hot Basalt stone is thought to be the equivalent to ten manual massage strokes, so results are achieved more quickly and efficiently.
  • The stones allow for deeper penetration of pressure and work upon an area.
  • The heat from the stones will permeate through the body causing vasodilation (the lowering of blood presuure) to occure. This will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and speed up the removal of carbon dioxide and waste from the body, due to the relaxation achieved in this process.
  • Tired aching muscles will be restored to their normal state more readily, as lactic acid elimination is taking place.
  • The lymphatic system will be stimulated, increasing its circulation, and thereby aiding the detoxification processes.
  • Body metabolism is increased, improving the efficiency of the body as one whole unit in general.
  • A state of deep relaxation occurs, as the warmth from the stones soothes nerve endings.

How does treatment help Chakras?

The state of health of each chakra can affect the corresponding body part. All are of equal importance and if one is spinning too quickly, or slowly, it will have a domino effect upon the others, causing imbalance and potential illness and pain. They are linked to the physical body by the endocrine system (hormonal system) and open into and exit within the 'auric field'. This means that the auric field is directly linked to the activity of the chakras. During the treatment, the transmission of energy can help to clear both the chakras and the aura, rebalancing and re-energising a person and having an uplifting effect upon their mood.

The Treatment

One Hot Stone massage treatment lasts fifty five minutes

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