Gold Facial

This face firming treatment is enriched with Colloidal Gold, made for all skin types imporivng every area from your face and neck to your clevage. You will recieve a treatment of a Face Mask, Face Serum, Face Cream and a Face Algae Mask, which all together will revitalise, regenerate and lift the skin to make it feel and look better and more refreshed.

The serum, firming mask, face cream and algae face mask are made to activate the natural vigor of the calls, it halts the wrinkling process and helps to smooth out any wrinkles that have already appeared. The Gold Waterfall improves the flexibility of the skin making it pop back up and take years off your skin age. The treatment additionally, expels blemishes and discolouration in the epidermis. Overall, it enables the skin, and yourself to have a bright and radient complexion.

The carefully selected ingredients highly improve the flexibility of the skin, providing long lasting hydration, regeneration and revitalization. It also gives the skin a youthful tone and radience that can be lost over the years due to exposure to the sun and the elements.

Active Ingredients Within The Treatment Include:

  • Colloidal Gold, contained in all of the products, pure gold particles help to revitalise and enrich the skin.
  • Caviar, contained in all of the products apart from the algae face mask, this provides a massive dose of proteins, vitamins A, D, E and B, oilgoelements, which are esssential for proper tissue growth. The caviar will activate the cells in the epidermus to regenerate and firm up, improving the skins tone and general well-being. The small amount of caviar used in the treatment will deliver a very intense moisterising effect and in conjuction will strengthen the skin.
  • Red Algae, contained in the face serum, this has a moisterizing and conditioning effect for the epidermus.
  • Microcollagen, contained in the face serum and firming mask, helps to provide a visible effect of a face contour to give you a sharper look.
  • Bio-Bustyl, contained in the firming face mask, this strengthens the skin whilst maintaining the resiliance, firming and lifting the epidermus.
  • Sea Collagen, contained in the face cream, holds a very high moisterizing effect on the skin, it regenerates the skin and helps to restore the youthful glow and complexion, while slowing down the ageing process and protecting the skin from excessive water loss, leading to droopy looking skin.
  • SPF 10, contained in the face cream, helps to protect against sun damage UVA and UVB radiation, providing an extra layer of security for the skin.
  • Alginat, contained in the algae face mask, this is a very rich source of protein and macroelements made to help kick-start the skin into revitalisation and renewing the skin cells for a younger fresher look.

The Treatment:

A Gold Waterfall Facial lasts one hour.

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