Power of Nature

'Power of Nature' is a detoxifying, regenerating treatment with Snail Slime Extract & Activated Carbon, intended for grey, under-oxygenated skin with impurities that has frequent contact with urban contamination. This treatment is amazing for skin requiring regeneration, including, intensive exfoliation treatments and/or aesthetic medicine procedures, also with the use of aesthetic treatment apparatus.

'Power of nature' is great for irritated, ageing skin, skin with acne and/or acne scars, helping to refine the skin, giving it a more youthful appearance.

Benefits: * Detoxication and lightening of the skin. * Deep hydration and improved texture, making it feel more smooth and supple. * Restoration of skin barrier, making it more resilient to the general "wear and tear" of life. * Strong antioxidising action. * Restoration and regeneration of the skin, making the epidermus more youthful.

Innovation: The first treatment with a magnetic enzymatic scrub. This refines, smoothens and moisterizes the skin all at once!

The Treatment:

A Power of Nature treatment lasts one hour

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