Active Rejuve Treatment

Nimue's core active rejuvenation treatment, utilising a blend of potent but gentle acids to deliver powerful results in the skin. This specialised active skin rejuvenation treatment with 15% bioactive complex is ideal for environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented and problematic skin. A potent, yet gentle active treatment, it delivers highly superior results in refining pores and skin texture, while at the same time increasing elasticity, radiance and vitality in the skin.

The unique blend of AHA's are gentle & safe leaving your skin feeling smooth, looking flawless with an amazing radiant glow that will have everyone talking about you skin.

We add a Collagen Mask for intensive deep hydration, plumping and tightening to make it that much more effective.

Treatments available to you:

A Rejuvination Collagen Treatment lasting an hour

An Active Rejuvenation Peel Treatment lasting an hour

A Rejuvination Booster Treatment lasting an hour

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