Investigation of Venous Disease

Physical Examination

An expert physical examination along with obtaining medical history are important parts of the consultation to assess the veins and the condition of the skin. This will demonstrate the extent of the varices and detect any signs of leg swelling, discolouration or ulcers. Clinical examination is useful but it is also necessary to undertake duplex ultrasound scanning to define the exact anatomy of the faulty veins and eradicate them completely so that vein can never cause a problem again.

Ultrasound Examination

A duplex ultrasound scan is a non-invasive investigation which is the universal standard for defining the anatomy of the varicose vein. With colour duplex ultrasound imaging all veins and arteries can be visualised so that the direction of the blood flow can be demonstrated and measured. It will detect any leaking valves and blood flowing the wrong way down any varicose veins. A report is then produced to indicate the location of all incompetent veins as well as the origin of the problem. This investigation uses the same technology you would use when scanning for a baby and is totally painless. Then, a plan will be made to tailor to the needs of your leg(s) and you can book in for the next step to having beautiful legs again!

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